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The Evolution of Audio


Establishing the standard for the next generation of Spatial Audio

Sympan® Sonic Reality Engine® - the future of binaural volumetric spatial audio

Kinicho have invented the first truly volumetric spatial audio processor. Sympan®, our revolutionary Sonic Reality Engine®, will set the standard for the next generation of binaural spatial audio. Based on a novel simulation approach that uses next-generation filters our processor offers gains across the spatial audio value-chain for manufacturers of hearables and other devices, developers of spatial computing and audio post-production applications, immersive content creators and consumers.


Target Agnostic

hi-fi quality, ultra-high-definition, zero-latency spatial audio everywhere

Low-Power Firmware for Embedded DSP on Devices

The Sympan® Sonic Reality Engine® was engineered with TWS in mind. Our solution is a lightweight, low-power firmware for integrated chip-based DSP to facilitate real-time head-tracked spatial audio. Up to 6 channels of audio can be spatialised on a single 150MIPS core. It is available for both Fixed-Point and Floating-Point implementations.

Intelligent Spatial Audio Library for Software Developers

The cross-platform library implementation of Sympan® is available for all PC and Mobile Operating Systems (OS). The library access to the full feature set of the Sonic Reality Engine®. The library can be deployed in your own applications, in audio plugins for Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) or in other plugins targeting both content and game engines.

Low Latency Cloud Rendered Streaming Spatial Audio

Increasingly streaming services are looking to add value-laden features to the offer. Kinicho offers Sympan® as a Spatial-Audio-as-a-Service that can be used to process audio for real-time-content delivery - including with head-tracking in low-latency environments. Alternatively, it  can be used for batch pre-processing of existing content for head-locked future consumption.


About Us

A passion for quality and a commitment to innovation

Kinicho was founded by a couple of friends who wanted to rid the world of the pain of working with HRTF-based 3D Audio. Working closely with artists, creators and potential customers, we began to understand the expectations and demands for spatial audio and develop IP that could tackle the biggest challenges that hold spatial audio back. We developed a revolutionary new offer to set the standard for the next generation.