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Next-gen immersive experiences with Spatial Audio 2.0 solutions for hearables

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We're helping OEMs, ODPs and Semi-conductor cos build solutions for the next generation of hearables by bringing our expertise in Spatial Audio. Let's talk to see how we can help you.
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Flexible Library/SDKs for on-device or on-host processing

Wireless Earphones

Different user scenarios need different solutions. That's why we built Sympan for Hearables with flexibility in mind.  Whatever your build needs, you get the same Spatial Audio 2.0 quality of sound and localisation from the Sonic Reality Engine.

In almost every hearable scenario today there is a device and host paring; this is true for wired as it is for wireless.  The question is where to run the spatialisation?

With Sympan for Hearables, you can deliver great Spatial Audio 2.0 experiences whether you use our embedded library for hardware to render the audio at blazing fast speeds on the device or our cross-platform native library for IOS/Android.

Blazing-fast, rich immersion with embedded spatial audio

Running Sympan for Hearable on bare metal delivers blazing fast response times for head-tracking use cases. Whether the experience is stereo externalisation, on-board personal assistants or up to the most detailed immersive content like Dolby Atmos on-board process makes for the most real immersion.


Combining Sympan for Hearables with next-gen wireless solutions like UWB or LiFi or for tethered hardware allows embedded multi-channel processing to deliver next-gen immersive experiences.


High-Quality experiences with on-host spatial audio

For all our partners, giving the end-user the highest-quality experience possible is paramount.  For Spatial Audio, high-quality experience doesn't simply mean hifi quality audio, it also means realistic localisation with perceptual accuracy and sonic stability. We all have an expectation about sound in space - that's the bar for high-quality experiences. 


With Sympan for Hearables running natively on the host device, the listener is guaranteed a physically accurate simulation of sound in space. The responsiveness is determined by host-device limitations such as Bluetooth communication. 

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