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The most flexible Virtual Mix Room there is.

SMT Standalone App for macOS

Version 0.5.0

Sympan Monitoring Tool was developed for high fidelity spatial audio monitoring. It a simulator for mix rooms built on the Sonic Reality Engine, the pioneering Spatial Audio 2.0 engine that offers better quality audio with improved spatial precision and super fast headtracking. You can find out more about SMT here

Key features in this release...

fully editable speaker positions for all layouts The big feature for multi-channel audio engineers is you can now change the position of each speaker in your layout. Any changes you make can be saved as a preset for instant recall. Simulate your studio room

With editable speaker positions, you can now simulate any studio room, including your own. You can make your binaural monitoring sound spatially familiar: just dial in your angles for a convincing spatial audio representation of your studio space.

We think this will be really useful for studio engineers who are sometimes working from home or on the road. Of course, this is useful for your clients too - you can supply preset details so they can do a pre-mix before they arrive at the studio. 100 Layouts if you work in other multi-channel systems as well as Atmos, you'll be delighted.

We have added 100 new layouts from Stereo to 9.1.6. We've pretty much covered every layout from 2 channels to 16 channels. All standard and proprietary configurations are included such as Surround, Atmos, and Auro3D as well as every channel ordering convention such as ITU, SMTPE, Film, DTS and more.

You can find out more about the layouts here

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