Quidditch Through The Ages

A 3D Audio experience for an audience of 200 people to mark the Launch of Quidditch Through the Ages as an audio book.

Concept: A dramatised account of the 1968 Quidditch World Cup. An audience of Muggles were enable to enter the magical realm with audio only.

Script: JK Rowling

Sound Design: Pinewood Studios

Spatial Mix: Kinicho

Lesions in the Landscape

A touring transmedia installation exploring the devastating effects of amnesia on a woman through the analogy of evacuation of St Kilda.

Concept: An immersive experience in which the ambience of St Kilda is mixed with the electrical hiss of the subject's brain activity monitored through an ECG.

Artist: Shona Illingworth

PA Design, installation and spatial mising: Kinicho

Absolut Nights

A pioneering multi-user VR experience to imagine the future of music 

Concept: An immersive journey through a particle landscape in which parts of spatially -mixed electronic music were synchronised with the landscape

Artist: Marshmallow Laser Feast & RS records

System Design, Spatial Mix and Binauralisation: Kinicho


3D audio improvisation explore the idea of music in space

Concept: ambisonic performance using new interfaces to create spatial music

Artist: Phillip Jeck, Tim Shaw & John Bowers

PA Design, Installation, rigging, interface: Kinicho


A touring installation of of an artwork exploring the the tension of fear, racial bias and policing in post-Ferguson world mediated by AI and surveillance technology.

Concept: Machine Vision & AI were use to monitor the gaze and emotional response audience to determine the narrative arc in an interactive film with a 3D Audio Immersive soundtrack.

Artist: Karen Palmer

Recording, Sound Design, Spatial Mixing: Kinicho


A site specific work for the CineChamber in San Francisco. 

Concept: An ambisonic composition to accompany a visual projection exploring the differential aesthetics of 16mm Film with Digital Project onto the immersive surround screens.

Film/Video: Michaela Gril/Karl Limoux

Composition: Philip Jeck/Stefan Kazassoglou (for Kinicho)

Spatial Mixing: Kinicho

Dark, Dark Wood

A site specific audio-only installation as part of the Pantomime season for Unity Theatre & PRS Foundation

Concept: 4 ambisonic pieces explore a day in the life of the Wolf in music, sound design and vocalisation

Artists: Jason Signh; Patrick Dineen; The Aleph; Kinicho

PA Design and Installation and Spatial mixing: Kinicho

Filter Bubble

A commision for FACT Liverpool's 15th exploring the tension of harmony and discordance as a metphor for social media

Concept: A gesture-driven interactive ambsonic sound sculpture.

Artist: Kinicho

Design, engineering: Kinicho

Sonic Collider

A touring educational sonic animation for physics student with visual impairments on the particle physics of CERN combining spatial audio with big data. 

Concept: The listener is ported in the Large Hadron Collider to experience at Sub-Atomic scale the formation and tuning of a proton beam; the acceleration of two beam around the LHC; and ring-side seat to the collision event that revealed the first Higgs Boson.

Concept & Script: Cockroft Institute

Recording, Sound Design, Spatial Mixing: Kinicho


A touring transmedia installation exploring voices for people whose relationship with language is radically affected

Concept: the work uses spatial audio alongside video footage and other media to explore the practice unique therapuetic practice in communal living

Artist: Imogen Stidworthy in collaboration with Gisèle Durand-Ruiz and Jacques Lin
and with the participation of Christoph Berton, Gilou Toche and Malika Bolainseur

PA Design and Spatial Mixing: Kinicho

Ebb & Flow

A site-specific installation of an ambisonic of an oral-history documentation for Hull City of Culture 2017 & PRS Foundation

Concept: Vocalisation, Spoken Word and Music recalling of Hull as a sensory experience with fragments of the telling passing through the river of time

Artist: Jason Singh with contributions from the people of Hull

PA Design and Installation, spatial mixing and composition: Kinicho 


A site specific work for the Gateshead Sage using The Tyne Bridge as a radio antenna and the digital artefacts from a software radio forming a spatial sound design

Concept: an ambisonic composition using sounds from the ether and 

Artist: John Bowers & Tim Shaw

Design, engineering and production: Kinicho



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