Zoom-client Audio Settings for  Stereo Audio in High-Fidelity Music Mode


TL;DR - please read the following text, it will take less than a minute and save several if we run into problems in the demo.

We always do a sound-check at the beginning of our demos and, unfortunately, we do run into problems!

Mostly, this is because people's equipment is not ready to hear the demo. We need our audience to have stereo headphones that are working and have enabled Stereo Audio in High-Fidelity Music Mode for Zoom.

A frequent problem we encounter is Bluetooth Headphone users who are only connected in Headset/Hands-free mode; you must be in Media mode to get true stereo.  There is a fast workaround to this - use wired headphones. We know this isn't always possible but it can help.

If you're using wireless headphones, you will need an alternative microphone than those on your headset - Bluetooth doesn't allow you to use the Mic and receive Stereo audio. If you have an alternative mic, do steps 1 to 4.


We will always do the soundcheck at the beginning of the demo and we will try to help you resolve any problems. But it does take time from the demo. So please help us by being prepared!

These instructions are for Windows and macOS Desktop clients only. Stereo Audio in High-Fidelity Music Mode is not supported in Zoom clients for IOS/Android devices. They were correct at version 5.7.3 (809)  on 22/07/2021

link for latest zoom downloads: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting


These instructions are the same for the Zoom client on both macOS and Windows platforms. To get the best experience from the Sonic Reality Engine demo over Zoom, you must enable Stereo Audio in High-fidelity Music Mode


1. open the settings in the Zoom client


[option] if you're not in a meeting, you can access the settings in the home panel of the client - click on the cog-wheel icon (as shown in the next image)

[option] if you're in a meeting, you can access the settings by clicking the audio menu and selecting Audio settings (as shown in the next image)

2. ensure you're on the Audio tab and in the Music and Professional Audio section enable the following checkboxes

  • enable Show in-meeting option to enable "Original Sound" 

    • enable High Fidelity Music Mode

    • disable Echo Cancellation

    • enable Stereo audio
      as shown in the next image)

You can find more information about these options at the Zoom.US support site

3. Setting up your microphone (Bluetooth headphone users only)

  • From the Mic settings, choose your alternative mic, e.g Laptop Mic

​4. Setting up your headphones (Bluetooth headphone users only)

  • From the Speaker Setting, select your Bluetooth headset's 'stereo' listing as shown in the image below (not the the 'hands-Free AG Audio' listing - marked in red hoop in the image) . You must be in Stereo mode for the demo to work.