About Kinicho.

Kinicho is building spatial audio 2.0 tools for developers and makers to make it simple to add realistic life-like sound to content, applications, platforms, and products

Kinicho was started by Stefan Kazassoglou and Garry Haywood to improve the spatial audio effect by making it more realistic. We invented a revolutionary new approach for processing sound in virtual space to match the human experience of sonic reality - we call this the Sonic Reality Engine. 

We're now building tools and products that leverage our invention into the audio ecosystem for

  • Creators - from professional content producers and artists to end-users in UGC, especially in the metaverse

  • OEMs - from audio production equipment to consumer hearables

  • Developers - from service infrastructure providers to end-user applications

Stage of business - MVP building / Prototyping

Funding date - 2 angel investments, £50k total (2021); 

Traction - $500k of service-based experiments with 30 customers
IP - company has IP in patentable methods, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights
Business model: IP licencing B2B
Team-size: 3